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Basic but ignored web design tips

You took the leap. You have established a website to display your important message. Applause! In life, the first impressions on the web are important. Web researchers found that you have approximately 2 minutes that the first impression is a good one. Visitors will judge your site’s professionalism and suitability in a few seconds to see what they are seeing.

Recently, according to a recent user study conducted by some professionals, a website could lose nearly one-third of its potential customers due to poor design.

Have a long look at your site. Or ask a friend that you review your site with a cruel sincere honesty. Does it pass professionalism?

Are Graphics Good Quality And Clear? Are drafting, font size, and font colors consistent across the site? Or does your site design make mistakes that amateur speak as soon as it loads?

There are some common mistakes that the website owner makes so that the visitors can get out early. What are these

They post “under construction” signals throughout the site.

All postings on the website are largely unexpectedly under construction signals. Experienced site owners understand the power of patience. They know that your completed website is more effective than before the launch time.

Be patient. Waiting for the website to complete before making your site public. Doing this way will affect your visitors and gain faith faster. They will not feel uncomfortable and will run away because they look at your site seamlessly with each under construction sign.

Some people keep the bright colored counters in the form of respect badge.

The truth is that most people know that counters can be set for whatever number you like. If you do not want to start your counter at zero, you can easily start it on 10,000. It raises the red flag of questions. Therefore, it can quickly retract your visitors because it attracts them. If you do not have to, why raise the red flag of questions?

If you need to analyze your traffic, see your in-depth statistics instead.

Some websites do not use copyright statements.

Some uniformed site owners do not know that their copyright is effective when their creative work has been set in a definite form. So they fail to stamp their ownership on their work.

If you really do your work, claim it. Post your copyright information at the bottom of every page.

The first impressions on the web are important. Follow simple design techniques above and stop removing your visitors at the door. Use your first few seconds to impress your visitors with a simple design that effectively distributes your powerful message.

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