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Are You a American Web Page Inventor?

I am recently seen the American inventor and the boy-hodi you can get some useful tips about marketing and presentation! If you have not seen this show, here’s a quick overview: inventors get a 60-second shot for submitting their product to a panel of 4 entrepreneurs, each marketer and are interested in promoting a new product . what’s at stake? One million dollars! And the chance to be famous!

What is interesting about this process is that the judge tells you ‘inventor’ (you) … how do you present your case, even if your product is bad, when choosing a new inventor, it is equally important for his decision . No person should send that message. Everyone is very much inherent in their own product, so they are not paying attention to advise on the panel, the panel only wants to see it, and as a result, the most serious bomb because they design a presentation. Thinks’ panel wants to see! As a result, they can not ‘convert’ the panel of judges to buy them!

The same thing happens with web page design. Sites fail because they will not pay full attention to customers We build, we think that what our customers really want instead of researching. In the show, the inventor gets 60 seconds to sell a panel on his product … a web page gets 2 seconds! Your challenge is much more than the inventor. On page, do you think that you will be able to capture someone’s attention and keep them focused on your presentation? Title … just put in words. You see, do not sell the word ‘logo’, or funny things …. Yes, yes … I know that you want to brand yourself … go ahead and make yourself brand, but listen … do not branding … Read on.

The message should tell your customer in a way that puts them on your page as they continue to read your proposal. It does not matter how great or bad your product is … If you talk to your customer immediately and provide them what they want … then they will buy the most. Remember, people do not buy because they are needed, they buy because they want it, it is up to you that you create emotional relationships and persuade them to make your own product.

Here’s a practice: Take a moment, step back and take a look at your pages and ask yourself: “Do my headlines keep me on this page? Does this page compel me to buy?” If there is no answer … then you know what to do next, find a good copywriter who knows how to write pages that sell, do not go to your web designer who knows nothing about copying , They are two different skills and you want to work with the same ones that will be best for your purposes.

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